10 of the Best Gifts for Harry Potter Fans of All Ages

If you need gift ideas for those special kids and adults in your life who love all things Harry Potter, you might want to add Quizzic Alley as both a source of ideas as well as a unique gift on its own.

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But in the meantime, we’ve curated this list of 10 of the best gifts for Harry Potter fans of all ages. Bookmark it for those special occasions or for when you wish to surprise a beloved Potterhead!

1. Harry Potter Replica Wand Pen with Stand.

Throwback to the start of Harry Potter’s magical journey: the moment the holly and phoenix feather wand chose Harry when he visited Ollivander’s Wand Shop in Diagon Alley at the age of eleven.

One of the most iconic props from the films, this beautiful replica of the Boy Who Lived’s wand is the perfect gift for any aspiring witch or wizard to practise their wandwork with.

2. Philosophers Stone Bracelet

Whether you have a friend that has always yearned for the ability to turn their jewellery into gold, have a family member who wants the power of rejuvenation or simply to wear the elixir of life on their wrist, this Philosopher’s Stone bracelet is a fantastic gift for any lover of Harry Potter or alchemy!

3. Hogwarts Glass Set

There’s a glass for everyone in this set of 4 tumblers, each representing a different Hogwarts house. Know someone who would relish assigning their guests to a house with this drink-serving sorting hat?

Ideal as a housewarming gift or to knock back a delicious brew while enjoying a Harry Potter movie marathon with your Potterhead besties!

4. The Complete Harry Potter Box Set

The perfect gift for someone who doesn’t have the complete set of books, misplaced or given away their copies over the years.

This hardcover box set is bound to help them rediscover the magic by losing themselves in J.K. Rowling’s enthralling words. A must-have for any Harry Potter library.

5. House Sweaters

Good as a wardrobe staple or a no-fuss costume for any dress-up or themed party, these cosy sweaters are the perfect gift for anyone who swears by their allegiance to the house of their choice.

Whether they’re an independent, cunning Slytherin or a hardworking, patient Hufflepuff, they’ll love showing their house pride with these beautiful Hogwarts house sweaters. Available for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

6. Hogwarts Tote Bag

Here’s an affordable and practical gift for a beloved Potterhead that’s useful for everyday life besides helping them do their bit for the environment. A stylish and regal-looking Hogwarts tote bag that will add some magic to their day!

7. Harry Potter Puzzle

The ideal gift for someone who loves puzzles, this 1000-piece Harry Potter-Death Eater puzzle is the perfect distraction to brighten up those dreary winter months!

8. Sterling Silver Golden Snitch Ring

How about this elegant and classy sterling silver golden snitch ring? The word on the street is that if you wear this you automatically win any quidditch match you may find yourself in! Simple but understated, this beautiful unisex piece of jewellery will add a bewitching touch to your outfits.

9. House Charm Handbags

These premium house handbags come with embroidered leather, beautiful plaid stitching, a charm and a magnetic clasp from the house of your choice. Available for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. These handbags are a statement piece for any Harry Potter fan.

10. Golden Snitch Metallic Pen

A fitting gift for any aspiring Quidditch player, they won’t have any problems tracking down and keeping a hold of this gorgeous golden snitch metallic pen. Also a useful instrument for taking notes in Potions Class.

Need more ideas or have any questions about our licensed Harry Potter merchandise? Get in touch for more information. Better yet, come visit us at our stores in Sydney and Canberra!