Is the car real? Where did you get it? How did you get it in the store? Does it have an engine?  Can we get in it?  Is it OK to take photos?

The magical car is a hit with wizards of all ages.
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We get asked these questions all the time. We do our best to answer them:

  • Yes the car is real. Sadly, the owl inside is not… at least we think it’s not. It may just be very very still…
  • The car came from Goulburn. A wise old wizard owned it for a very long time.  It was full of feathers when it arrived because he used it to transport old owls who could no longer fly.
  • A guy called Dave used all his magical powers to get the car in through the front door of the store. 
  • The Anglia does indeed have an engine but the wise old wizard’s three distraught daughters put a hex on it when he died so no-one could ever fly the car again.
  • Of course you can get in the car! Take care of it though as it’s very very old.  Remember, IN the car but not ON the car. 
  • Yes, take as many photos as you like but please remember to share them on social media using the hashtag #quizzicalleymagic

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