Cursed Child for $40 – Siriusly!

You can now get tickets to see The Cursed Child for a very mweasley $40.

This will come as welcome news to those who overspent on Yule pressies. Thanks to The Friday Forty, you could save up to $250 per person to see the two parts. That’s Ravenclawesome!

But there is a catch. Isn’t there always? It’s not just a simple matter of ringing up and booking at this amazing discounted rate. Nope, this is a lottery where a limited number of winners are drawn at random. And, as there are only 40 tickets raffled off per performance, it may be time to scoff a luck potion.

The Friday Forty opens just after bewitching hour (12.01am) every Monday and closes at 1.00am each Friday. Winners are drawn at 1.00pm sharp on Fridays for shows the following week.

So, if you’re in Melbourne or have a schedule that permits a last minute trip, get your entry in now because the first Friday Forty is up and running. Good luck!

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