Could Hermione Granger be the next US President?

Hermione Granger has announced her 2020 Presidential Campaign via a video.

Yep, you read that right: the noted activitist, leader, social campaigner and one of the most famous members of Dumbledore’s Army, has put her name in the political equivalent of the Goblet of Fire.

But, before you race off to renounce your Australian citizenship, hoist the stars and stripes and race out into the street brandishing your house colours, you need to know that becoming an American is so so hard and…. oh yeah… this is a fake campaign.

Sorry to burst your wizard world bubble but there’s no time to drown your sorrows in a vat of Fire Whiskey. Hermione Granger’s Presidential Campaign, created by the Harry Potter Alliance, is a fake campaign working for real world change. It aims to highlight the interwoven causes of injustice in America, help fans call for candidate accountability to these injustices, and will train and mobilise thousands of fans and magical people across the nation to canvass, vote, and run for their own local and national offices.

Granger is championing large scale issues in a variety of areas focusing on democracy, immigration, climate crisis, LGBTQ+ equality, gender equity, youth advocacy, racial justice, education and libraries and media reform. But in true Hermione Granger fashion, she will not be doing it alone. Partnered with a coalition of national and grassroots organisations, including the ACLU, Protect Democracy, Mischief Management, Black Girls Create, Latinx Geeks, and more, Granger will co-author her platform with fans and activists, setting a visionary policy agenda for social justice in the United States.

“The Granger 2020 campaign will channel the passion of fans into imaginative, effective organising during and after this election cycle.” Katie Bowers, Director of the Harry Potter Alliance and Team Granger’s campaign manager said.

“Elections, at their heart, are public conversations about the stories we believe about ourselves, our country, and our future. We want the story of our shared future to be one of imagination, vision, and love triumphing over hate and fear. Who better than fans to tell that story and work to make it real? At Team Granger, we believe that nothing is impossible.”


Throughout 2020, the Harry Potter Alliance will train and mobilise thousands of fan activists to protect the right to vote, canvass, phone bank, fight for causes they believe in, and most importantly, connect with other fans to envision a better, more just, and magical future.”

The campaign’s first big event will be on Leap Day – a magical day that only appears every four years – when fans will come together in Campaign Circles across the United States to imagine and plan how they can take action with Team Granger and leap into that future. The Harry Potter Alliance will also host a livestream to help fans connect no matter where they live!

You too can join Team Granger. Head to for more information. There are four chapters of the Harry Potter Alliance in Australia – in Sydney, Adelaide, Maclean in northern NSW and Quizzic Alley’s local chapter, the Order of the Skywhale in Canberra.

Raise your wands for Granger 2020!

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