A review – Wizards’ Worldwide Pub Quiz

Bewitched Bernadette – Hufflepuff and events specialist at Quizzic Aley team – is home with her two small Hufflepuffs. All three jumped online for our first ever Wizards’ Worldwide Pub Quiz on Wednesday night. We received this great review from her and she has happily given us permission to share it. Thanks Bernadette – WE MISS YOU!

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My kids and I spent the day on Wednesday – ten school days into this brave new world of ‘remote learning’ – eagerly anticipating the first ever Wizards’ World Pub Quiz hosted by Quizzic Alley and livestreamed on Facebook.

My children (7 & 9) and I – all proud Hufflepuffs – sat down at 7.29pm with quills in hand, ready to partake in the quiz. My kids were delighted that they were allowed to stay up and participate: in times like these any opportunity to interact with others is not to be missed over a trifling thing such as a bedtime!

They were delighted to see Nearly Legless Mick’s familiar face on my laptop screen and even moreso when they realised they were totally capable of participating in the quiz and getting many of the answers right! Round one questions centred on Philosopher’s Stone with a great mix of easier questions and some that were more difficult.

It was heart-warming to read the live comments from the 300 plus participants on the night – many from Canberra and others from far and wide. We were entertained reading some ingenious team names but overwhelmingly there was such gratitude to the Quizzic Alley team for this innovative way to bring fellow Potterheads together and help us all forget our isolation worries for a time. There was a wonderful sense of community – in these times is all the more valuable.

During the intervals between rounds, we were treated to special appearances by Rophney Redhead with reviews of his favourite products available at Quizzic Alley. Sparkles the Wonder Dog stole the spotlight, proving to be one popular Hairy Pupper!

Modern muggle technology confounded the wizards and witches at The Sleepy Dragon with the live stream cutting out at one point. Once back on line, the video was locked with Mick ‘sideways’ on our screen, but this was met with amused comments and rather than allowing this to derail a really fun evening,. Nearly Legless Mick jovially ploughed on to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable quiz.

With hints about a follow-up quiz to come, just name the date and time and we will be there!

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