I built the first ever Quizzic Alley Book Nook! A review by Bonkers Beth.

Quizzic Alley team member, Bonkers Beth is our go-to witch for all things creative so she was the obvious choice to assemble the Quizzic Alley book nook prototype. Here’s her review.

I love art and craft and consider myself a bit of an artist so I was a little hesitant when I was asked to assemble Quizzic Alley’s prototype book nook.

For the uninitiated, a book nook is a diorama in a box that fits in between your books on a bookshelf. They are super cool and look really effective. The Quizzic Alley prototype is a magical alley complete with shop fronts, broomsticks and barrels.
I was so excited to create my own little Quizzic Alley!

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful smell of laser-cut wood as I opened the box. I spread out all the pieces, checked the kit was complete, read through the instructions and worked out what needed to be painted.

The instructions were on a single sheet: clear, concise and quite easy to understand. They required a little intuition so, if you plan on making this with a child, they will need some guidance.

Once I organised the pieces and worked out how they fitted together, I started painting the walls, then moved on to the windows and balcony. The smaller pieces require a little more precision but, all-in-all, it was easy and fun to paint.

The kit doesn’t come with paint so you have to source your own. I used artist’s acrylic paints and they provided good coverage with just one coat. Because of that, the first pieces were dry and ready to assemble before I finished painting.

Putting the parts together was easy! Each one has little tabs and slots that fit together to create walls, windows and other items. They fit snugly but, if you want extra security, Irecommend using some kind of wood glue. Some parts, like the barrels and the balcony, were a little finicky, with really small parts and lots of them but even they were not too hard to assemble.

I worked on the book nook at close range for a good four or five hours, really involved in the painting and construction and enjoying the process. Once it was assembled, I took a step back. It looked really good and I was so proud of what I’d created!

If you don’t have four or five hours to spare in one go, you could easily split the painting and assembly over two or more days. It would be a great project for a couple of people to work on together.

My book nook now sits on a shelf at Quizzic Alley and it looks awesome! Make sure you check it out! I love the fact that it is made from real timber and is handmade by a local craftsman.

Just six limited edition Quizzic Alley Book Nooks are available now! Get yours here!

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