Wizards’ Worldwide Kids’ Quiz

Date: June 10, 2020

Time: 18:00-19:00

Location: Apparating from Quizzic Alley to your house!

Live online quiz

It’s our last Wizards’ Worldwide Kids’ Quiz!… at least for the moment. DON’T MISS IT!

Here are just some of the comments about Quizzic Alley’s Kids Quiz:

“Thank you for having us. That was super fun.”
“Thanks you so much for a wonderful event. There is a very large grin on a small girl!!!”
“Thanks very much for a great Trivia Session guys! We all had great fun, and you are absolute legends!”
“Thank you for giving the younger kids time to write the answers themselves.”

What are you waiting for? This is the best live quiz for Harry Potter fans on the internet!

We will apparate straight into your loungeroom at 6pm on Wednesday before the later (and harder) Wizards’ Worldwide Pub Quiz.

Three rounds of eight questions will keep those little witches and wizards engaged while you put the finishing touches to the pumpkin pasties… and put the giggle juice on ice and the fire whiskey on coals??? for later!

But it’s not just for kids. Anyone who has read any of the first three books or watched the movies can join in. But, if you are all over the whole series or have read or watched the later installments from “The Goblet of Fire” onwards, it’s best to join the later, harder quiz.

Again, witches and wizards can team up with friends or family elsewhere, siblings beside them or just do the quiz on their own. You can use the same answer sheet as for the later quiz – just cross out questions 9 and 10 in each round as well as the fourth round. Or they can just use a piece of paper or make their own answer sheet (now THERE’S an idea!).

Remember… Auto-answer quills, remembralls, detachable cribbing cuffs, and self-correcting ink are all forbidden, as are Muggle gizmos like the worldwide spiderweb.

BREAKING NEWS: There will be a prize for best dressed – $25 to spend on our online store, so dust of the robes and wands!

No tickets required but please let us know you’ll be taking part by clicking “Going” on this event. Make sure you like our page and await the notification.

See you Wednesday!