Wizards’ Worldwide Pub Quiz

Date: April 8, 2020

Time: 19:30-21:00

Location: Quizzic Alley, 5 Pirie St, Fyshwick

We’re back! Join Quiz Master Nearly Legless Mick on WEDNESDSAY 8th APRIL for the next Wizarding World Pub Quiz.

We’ll be live streaming from The Sleepy Dragon in Quizzic Alley, bringing some magic to Harry Potter fans in isolation all over the world!

Anyone can join in. Get your friends involved, create an online team, enlist fellow Harry Potter friends from all around the world. Families and kids are welcome so keep the content and the language clean.

Concoct your own version of QBrew, cook up some pumpkin pasties, grab your favourite quill pen and quiz away from the comfort of your castle. No tickets required: just turn up online dressed in your finest wizarding regalia… or not. It’s up to you! Your house, your rules.

Write your answers on a piece of paper or download the answer sheets below. Auto-answer quills, remembralls, detachable cribbing cuffs, and self-correcting ink are all forbidden, as are Muggle gizmos like the worldwide spiderweb.

Alternatively, you can just shout your answers at the screen because… you know… your house!

See you Wednesday!