Finalist in Local Business Awards

Quizzic Alley has learned it is a finalist in the 2020 Local Business Awards.

Conducted over an eleven-week period, businesses can be nominated by anyone and the pubic is invited to choose their favourites in a range of categories. Finalists are then selected based on the number of online and printed nominations they receive. An anonymous judge is also sent to the premises. The most popular businesses are then selected.

“We were pretty excited just to be nominated so be be chosen as a finalist is a real honour,” said Quizzic Alley owner, Nearly Legless Mick.

Nominations and voting have now closed for this year and winners will be announced at a gala evening in December and in The Canberra Times.

“A big thank you to everyone who nominated for Quizzic Alley or voted for our business in this year’s awards. Our whole team works hard to deliver a magical experience to all our customers and it’s great when we get feedback like this. It tells us we’re on the right track.”

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