“Goblet of Fire” House Editions ready for pre-order NOW!

Clear a space on your bookshelf because it’s time to add to your collection of 20th anniversary house editions.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – the fourth book in JK Rowling’s famous series about the boy wizard – was first published in the UK in July 2000 and the special anniversary house editions arrive soon at Quizzic Alley. You can pre-order your copy here for dispatch as soon as they arrive.

The four Goblet of Fire house editions have been published in both paperback and hard cover and feature intricate cover and internal artwork by illustrator Levi Pinfold. Common to each edition is the central illustration of the flaming Goblet, while a vignette of iconography unique to each house adorns the jackets.

For Goblet of Fire, those illustrations feature an ‘element’ specific to each house: fire, earth, air and water. The red Gryffindor house edition (fire) is bordered by Sirius Black’s head in the fireplace, a Hungarian Horntail, Harry on his Firebolt and Mad-Eye Moody’s magical eye.

The blue Ravenclaw edition (air) edition includes the Beauxbatons Carriage, wandmaker Ollivander and Fleur Delacour.

The yellow Hufflepuff edition (earth) features the Triwizard Maze, Cedric Diggory and a Niffler while the green Slytherin edition (water) shows Tom Riddle’s headstone, Viktor Krum, the Hogwarts Giant Squid and the Durmstrang Ship.

In addition, each book features an illustration of its respective house animal on the binding and new internal illustrations by Pinfold include Rubeus Hagrid (Gryffindor), Garrick Ollivander (Ravenclaw), Cedric Diggory (Hufflepuff) and Lord Voldemort (Slytherin).

Don’t forget you can pre-order your 20th anniversary house edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire now via our online store. And it’s not too late to start collecting either: we already have the 20th anniversary edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in all four houses.

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Author: Professor Penelope Presto
Professor Presto is Headmaster at the esteemed Quizzical Academy of Sorcery and also Chief Wrangler of wizards large and small. She loves to bake toad cake and swaps recipes with like-minded wizards all over the world. On Tuesdays she joins the local Goblins and Gouls swimming club for a few laps before a lunch of wiggle-root salad.

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