Roving entertainers, live performances, music and magical creatures

Join fellow witches, wizards and creatures to mark the last day of winter and the start of a new school year at Hogwarts. Gather, feast, mingle, dance and just be magical. Follow us, along the path, up the stairs, across the threshold and into the grand dining hall where light dances and surprises await.

Take your seat. Raise your wands. It's time to live your dream...

The main event gets off to a siriusly magical start at 7pm. Don't be late because we have some ravenclawesome surprises in store!

EarlyOwl tickets are $165. Get yours soon! Discounts for groups of eight.

  • A delectable three-course winter-inspired feast
  • A wizarding-inspired dining hall
  • Roving entertainers
  • Live performances
  • Live music
  • The Invisibility Cloak
  • Lots of dancing
  • Creatures and characters to meet
  • Sssooo many photo opps
  • Magicocktails at discount rates
  • 3+ hours to enjoy it all!
  • So much more that we are keeping secret for the moment (make sure you check out our Facebook page for updates)

Tickets are $70 each (EarlyOwl price), special price for families.

  • Afternoon-tea style treats
  • A wizarding-inspired dining hall
  • Live performances
  • Lots of dancing
  • Characters to meet
  • Photo opps
  • 2 hours to enjoy it all!
  • So much more that we are keeping secret for the moment (make sure you check out our Facebook page for updates)

All proceeds to The Smith Family's children's literacy program. How many $20 book packs for under-privileged children can we buy?

The venue

We're going all-out to create a magical themed dining hall befitting The Great Wizard's Ball and The Abbey at Gold Creek (Nicholls), with its enormous gothic organ taking centre stage, is the perfect venue.

Bring some Galleons

Although most activities will be free, we ask you to consider making a gold coin donation for each. The Smith Family may run their own fund-raising activities so you'll need to bring money for that.


You must be 13 years or older to attend The Great Wizards' Ball starting at 7pm and all minors MUST be accompanied by an adult. Minors WILL NOT be allowed entry to the ball without an accompanying adult. As alcohol will be served, proof of age may be required. The organisers are relying on adults to supervise minors to ensure the relevant laws, restrictions and licensing rules are respected and upheld.

All minors attending the earlier family-friendly Ball starting at 3pm MUST be accompanied by an adult and vice versa. Note that alcohol will be available at the bar but we ask accompanying parents and carers to drink responsibly.

Book now

Numbers are limited and you don't want to miss out. This event may never be repeated! Get your EarlyOwl tickets before prices go up!

We raise our wands to the following key sponsors, without whose generosity and un-erring belief in magic, The Great Wizards' Ball simply would not happen: