Happee Birthdae Harry!

Cake by craftmarmalade.blogspot.co.uk

Break out the Butterbeer and the chocolate frogs. Hell, we should have us some vomit flavoured jelly beans too! Because the boy who lived, Harry James Potter, turns 39 today.

He may be a totally fictional character but every year we celebrate his birthday and, thanks to the happy location of the International Dateline, we Australians get to mark this auspicious occasion before most of the rest of the world. The good people of New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji and Kiribati have no doubt already blown out the candles.

Soon the rest of the world will wake up and Twitter will be ablaze with “Happee BIrthdae “ messages, the phrase coined by the loveably gentle giant Hagrid. Some fans will even bake the very cake!

So what do you have planned for Harry’s birthday? Here are ten fun ways to mark the day:

  1. Bake pumpkin pasties for dinner, just like the ones Harry and Ron ate on the Hogwarts Express.
  2. Book tickets to see The Cursed Child in Melbourne and watch grown-up Harry parent as bad as the rest of us!
  3. Host a movie marathon – you know you want to!
  4. Book a flight to London to visit Wizarding World and spend the next six months saving and researching all the other Harry hotspots in the UK. After all, every true HP fan should make the pilgrimage at least once!
  5. Treat yourself with a visit to Quizzic Alley and buy Harry yourself something great.
  6. Crack open a bag of Bertie Botts and play a tasting game with friends but know that vomit, dirt, ear wax… they all taste just like the real thing. You have been warned!
  7. Come along to Quizzic Alley at 3.30pm today for a piece of Harry’s birthday cake and get a cool selfie.
  8. Follow JK Rowling on Twitter because today is one day you can almost guarantee she will drop a piece of bad-ass wisdom
  9. Check out a game of Quidditch, now a legit sport at many universities.
  10. Turn back the clock and start reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone again.

So Harry… are we the first to wish you Happee Birthdae or did those pesky Kiribatians stay up late and pip us at the post?

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