Quizzic Alley – making school holidays even more magical!

Imagine making your very own wand or brewing a mystical bath bomb from scratch! Each school holidays you can come along to special workshops at Quizzic Alley and create magic under the watchful eye of one of Quizzic Alley's Professors. Learn something new, take your creation home or brew a mystical concoction! There are different workshops on every holidays.

— Nearly Legless Mick

Wand Making Workshop

Are you ready to conjure some magic and make your very own personalised wand?  Will you pass the test and be granted an official wand license?

In this workshop, you will craft your wand using age-old techniques passed down through generations of witches and wizards.

  • All students get a tankard of our famously bewitching QBrew.
  • All tools and materials are supplied.
  • Suitable for 8+ and adults are welcome too.
  • We recommend parents/guardians attend with their child/ren. Why should THEY have all the fun?
  • All those in the room must have booked and paid.
  • Wand Making Workshops are only offered during school holidays.
  • This workshops offered in Sydney AND Canberra stores in JANUARY.
  • Each workshop lasts 50-60 minutes, depending on numbers.

Charms Workshop!

Do you know the difference between a talisman and a charm? Can we use charms and potions to help us be joyful? All these questions and more will be answered in our new, enchanting Charms Workshop!

  • Every student gets to take make their own magical mini potion and talisman to keep.
  • All tools and materials supplied.
  • Each student gets a QBrew, the beverage of choice for witches and wizards everywhere.
  • Suitable for children 6+ and adults are welcome too.
  • Students under 8 must be accompanied by a paying adult.
  • This class is offered at Quizzic Alley in Canberra and Sydney in JANUARY.
  • The class generally lasts 40-50 minutes.

Places are limited so book soon!

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