Quizzic Alley and MS Readathon – a magical partnership to get kids to read

Quizzic Alley is throwing its support behind children’s literacy as an official sponsor of this year’s MS Readathon.

Registrations are open for the MS Readathon and more than 28,000 kids around the country have already signed up. Over 40,000 are expected to be ready to start reading by August.

The rules are simple: Read whatever you like, as much as you can, during August while you raise funds for kids with a parent who has multiple sclerosis.

Quizzic Alley will provide some prizes along the way and, in a first for the MS Readathon, will host a live online Harry Potter quiz.

“We’re super excited about the quiz,” said the store’s owner, Nearly Legless Mick. “Quizzic Alley hosted a weekly online kids’ quiz during COVID isolation and it was hugely popular. We estimate around 300 kids took part each week.

“We can’t wait to share our love of the wizarding world with even more kids all over Australia!”

And quizzers don’t have to be fans of Harry Potter or even reading the series to take part “…but, obviously, the more you know the better,” explained Mick.

“The whole Quizzic Alley team is excited to be working with the MS Readathon because we all love to read and we’re all on a mission to encourage kids to read more, even if it’s not Harry Potter.

“Plus, while kids all over the country are reading fantastic books, they’re also raising funds for multiple sclerosis which is such a great cause,” said Mick.

Fittingly, this year’s MS Readathon will be a magical quest. The adventure kicks off on August 1 and wraps up on August 31.

You can register at msreadathon.org.au.

Author: Professor Penelope Presto
Professor Presto is Headmaster at the esteemed Quizzical Academy of Sorcery and also Chief Wrangler of wizards large and small. She loves to bake toad cake and swaps recipes with like-minded wizards all over the world. On Tuesdays she joins the local Goblins and Gouls swimming club for a few laps before a lunch of wiggle-root salad.

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