Quizzic Alley Returns to Normal Trading in January

Quizzic Alley will be open for five days a week in January for the school holidays, instead of the usual seven.

The decision has been a tough one for business owner, Nearly Legless Mick, who is concerned about a decline in business due to the increase in COVID cases.

“Quizzic Alley is all about the kids during school holidays and we generally open every day. But business has been hard for two years now and we just need to limit our running costs. He is also worried about staff shortages as the Omicron variant spreads.”

“Risk management is key to running a retail business during a pandemic and this change will allow us to run two separate teams in the hope of avoiding shutdown.”

Quizzic Alley in Sydney and Canberra will return to normal opening hours for January after being open every day in December until Christmas Eve. From Sunday 3 January, the stores will open five days a week – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10am until 5.30pm, Saturdays and Sundays 10am to 4.00pm.

Quizzic Alley's Sydney store opened just over a year ago.
Quizzic Alley's Sydney store opened just over a year ago.

Nearly Legless Mick is quick to assure families that Quizzic Alley will still offer their popular free holiday activities – this time a Magical Quest where witches and wizards go in search of a fantastic creature.

“The Canberra and Sydney stores will still be open Wednesday to Sunday. Anyone can join us on the Magical Quest. It’s completely free and self-guided. Just come into the store, grab your answer sheet and head off on the quest around the store.”

FB event cover Magical Quest

Although Quizzic Alley won’t be taking bookings for the Magical Quest, there may be busy times when customers may have to wait for a while and Mick also has a favour to ask of questers.

“I am very committed to keeping our team and our customers as safe as possible. Masks are mandatory, as is check-in. We will also monitor numbers in-store. You can help by bringing your own pen!”