Owls demand pay increase in line with postal workers!

Turns out owls are quite the lobbyists! Quizzic Alley’s parliament of postie owls have successfully campaigned for a payrise in response to increasing shipping costs in the non-magical world.

Their demands come after Australia Post increased their parcel delivery rates twice this year. Combined with ever-increasing international freight costs and Quizzic Alley had to make the difficult decision to increase shipping prices for online orders.

“We’re Potterheads ourselves and so we always try to make what we sell as affordable as possible. But shipping rates are something we have very little control over and good, reliable owls are hard to find. We’ve absorbed most price increases but we can’t afford to do it again, particularly while both our stores are closed,” said owner Nearly Legless Mick.

However, Quizzic Alley is keen to soften the blow and is giving customers the chance to shop online before the new prices take effect. Tuesday at 5.30pm is when the following will be implemented:

📨 Flat-rate postage will be $12 for orders under $100.
🦉 FREE owl post for purchases over $100

Of course, customers can still opt for the free and contactless Click & Collect service offered by the Canberra store (Mondays 3-5pm, Wednesdays and Fridays 11am-1pm). Although the same service is not currently available in the Sydney store, Mick is hopeful it’s not far away.

“We’re working on opening the Drummoyne store for Click & Collect but we don’t have a lot of options for staffing there. I am hoping we can have something in place by next week,” said Mick.

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