Parties at Quizzic Alley – CANBERRA STORE ONLY!

That was so much fun!” said my 9 year old… many thanks to Nearly Legless Mick and his crew of devoted Potter fan-staff for providing an unforgettably enjoyable party for my daughter and her friends and family.

— Alison

Brews & Bubbles Potions Class

Your Potions Professor awaits!

There is much to learn at a bewitching Brews and Bubbles Potions class.

In this class you will master the subtle art of potion-making and experience the thrill of forging magic from ancient ingredients, nurtured and gathered by our dedicated professors.

Great surprises and secrets await. Be beguiled by stories of magical creatures and enchanted plants and walk in the footsteps of your favourite witches and wizards.

A break between potions is imperitive to replenish one’s energy with a tankard of our famous QBrew, carefully concocted on site.

Here’s why you should book a Potions Class for a magical party every time!

  • Themed, magical potions classroom
  • Truly immersive experience
  • Passionate, knowledgeable professors
  • Party extras for young witches and wizards
  • No pre-party stress and no post-party clean-up
  • Catering options including cakes, toasties and fruit platters
  • A delicious QBrew for every student
  • Easy bookings process
  • Magical memories that will surely last a lifetime!

You won’t need to break into the vault to pay for a Potions Class!

Our Brews & Bubbles Potions Class includes:

  • Creative, customisable email invitations
  • Private, wizarding themed party room
  • Break-out seated area to enjoy food and cake
  • A dedicated and magical Professor
  • 90 minutes of spell-binding fun
  • Two hands-on potions, including one to take home
  • A tankard of our famous QBrew for every student

Student numbers and prices:

The price for 10 young witches and wizards is $365 for weekend bookings, $315 for weekdays. You can book for fewer than 10 but the price remains the same.

Extra children in excess of 10 are $25.00 per head up to a maximum of 18 students

Add more FUN to the MAGIC with optional extras like wands, birthday cake and toasted sandwiches when you book.

Our magical parties are only offered at our Canberra store for the moment. We are working on getting our Sydney space ready. Register for advanced notice of an opening date.

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We care about everyone who visits Quizzic Alley – our wonderful customers, our awesome team and, of course, all the small witches and wizards who attend our potions classes. Please read our COVID-19 Safety Plan which details the changes we have made to ensure everyone’s safety at Quizzic Alley and play our role in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.