Quizzic Alley Academy of sorcery re-opens


Finally our spells and incantations are having an effect. The dark forces that suspended fun and sent us all indoors have finally succombed to Quizzic Alley magic. Let’s all hope they stay away.

How we have all missed the young witches and wizards that usually descend on Quizzic Alley each week. We’ve missed their squeals, their laughter and the million trillion questions they ask!

Quizzic Alley’s marvelous professors are getting ready to welcome students back to the Academy. We’ve restocked the potions cupboard, been out to see the basilisks and summoned the goblins.

Even the wisest wizards can learn something at a bewitching Brews and Bubbles Potions class. Walk in the footsteps of your favourite wizards right into a magical classroom, full of curios, potions bottles and cauldrons and all sorts of other wizarding paraphenalia.

An experienced Professor awaits you and your fellow wizards and witches. Be ready to embrace the magic and learn the language of wizardry. Oh, and make sure you come dressed in your finest wizard robes and accoutrements. All students get a tankard of our famous QBrew, concocted and served on site.

Please use our online booking system to choose your preferred date, select your extras and pay your booking deposit online. Our booking system is currently taking bookings from F1st June 2020 onwards. If your preferred date is not available please call us to discuss your options.

Current COVID-19 restrictions allow for a maximum of ten students (children) in our potions classroom, plus on adult parent or carer. Extra children or adults will not be allowed in the room.