Brew the Elixir of Virtues with us in January!

Today my children and I participated in a potions workshop at Quizzic Alley. Our potions mistress was so much fun and the little room we entered was remarkable... we couldn't have wished for a more magical afternoon.

— Patrick

Add to or start your Quizzic Alley potions collection!


This time it’s the Elixir of Virtue! What house are you in? Find out which virtues are associated with each house and explore your own qualities.

Our Potions Master will guide you through the intricacies of brewing the Elixir of Virtue in our amazing classroom. Forge magic from age-old ingredients and enchanted spells, just like your wizarding heroes.

All students get to take home their newly-brewed concoction as well as sup the delights of our famously bewitching QBrew.

Potions Workshops are offered in our Sydney and Canberra stores during January. These holiday workshops are the only time we offer potions classes for individual bookings (term time bookings are for groups only) and places are limited so book now!

Each Potions Workshop lasts 40-50 minutes.


Here’s why you should book a spot in our Potions Workshop this school holidays

  • This is the one and only time you can make the Elixir of Virtues potion.
  • A chance for mum/dad/guardian to do something fun with the kids.
  • Truly immersive, magical experience and a great holiday activity.
  • Passionate, knowledgeable professors
  • A delicious QBrew for every student
  • Magical memories that will last a lifetime!

You won’t need to break into the vault to pay for a Potions Class!

Our Potions Workshops include:

  • A dedicated and magical Professor.
  • 40-50 minutes of spell-binding fun.
  • Immersive, magical potion-making.
  • Private, wizarding themed party room.
  • Your own potion to take home .and add to your collection.
  • A tankard of our famous QBrew for every student.

What you need to know:

Our holiday workshops allow our fabulous customers to book into a session individually, unlike term time Potions Classes which are for group bookings only.

Every young witch or wizard must be accompanied by a paying adult/16+. One adult/16+ may supervise more than one child.

Non-paying would-be spectators are asked to remain outside the room. If you would like to particpate you are welcome to book a spot.

Please arive at least 10 minutes before your session is due to begin.

The price is $25 per witch, wizard or magical creature.

We brew a different potion every school holidays.

Perfect for a birthday party!