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The wand chooses the wizard! There will be a wand choosing ceremony at the beginning of the class and students will use their wand for the duration. We don’t provide party bags but wands are a great non-sugar alternative. If you would like each student to take their wand home, you can purchase them.

Brews and Bubbles Potions Class

  • Interactive potions class hosted by a dedicated Potions Professor.
  • 90 minute class – students will make one potion and engage in another immersive activity.
  • Wand choosing ceremony.
  • Perfect for witches, wizards and magical creatures 6 years and older.
  • Equipment and materials included.
  • Every student gets a tankard of QBrew, the beverage of choice for witches and wizards everywhere.
  • 90 minute class includes time for food and cake.

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