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Ignite your house pride with the fantastic fragrance found in this mesmerising Hufflepuff diffuser in the shape of a potion bottle. Recreate the comfort of the sunny Hufflepuff Common Room with sweet notes of chocolate and butterscotch paired with the perfect balance of coffee and pecan notes. 

Honest, hardworking and true, Hufflepuffs bring light to any adventure. As you fight for all things right and just, let this pillar of topaz bring clarity and trust to all those who accompany you. Each diffuser is made with a shimmery colour-changing liquid and lovingly infused with the finest aromas to create a truly spellbinding aromatic experience.

Top: Caramel, butterscotch, espresso

Middle: Chocolate, pecan, leather, pine

Base: Amber, heliotrope, vanilla


Approximate Dimensions:

– Box: 16 H x 9.65 L x 9.65cm W

– Diffuser: 10.6 H x 8.5 L x 8.5cm W

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