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Experience the magic of Harry Potter with the Magical Artifacts series of Wizarding World Magical Collector Wands! These mystery Harry Potter collectibles are a must-have for fans and collectors. Just like in the movies, the wand chooses the wizard! Inside the blind box packaging, reveal a surprise 12-inch character wand with a metallic Room of Requirement door display base and die-cast icon accessory unique to the character.

Every replica Magical Collector Wand features authentic details and a weighted base, perfect for pretend play storytelling. Recreate your favorite scenes and pretend to cast your favorite spells! Place your Magical Collector Wand on display in its premium packaging or set it vertically or horizontally on the stand. The unique Magical Artifacts-themed die-cast icon accessory fits right on the base – discover the Slytherin locket with Ron’s wand, the Sorting Hat with Professor McGonagall’s wand, Voldemort’s ring with his wand, the Marauder’s Map with George’s wand and more!

Expand your Wizarding World with all of the Magical Collector Wands from each series, including Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Dumbledore, Voldemort and more (each sold separately)! Wizarding World Harry Potter toys are must-have gifts for kids and fans who enjoy collectibles, wands, action figures, dolls, and doll accessories. The Magical Collector Wand surprise toys are great birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers or gifts for any occasion. Discover the Wizarding World with the Magical Artifacts series of Magical Collector Wands!

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