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Step into the enchanting world of potion crafting with MAGICAL COCKTAIL MAKING at The Sneaky Cauldron™️.Join fellow witches and wizards for 90 minutes of spellbinding fun as you concoct two marvelous cocktails (or mocktails) under the expert guidance of our Potions Master. Delve into the arcane arts of mixology as you blend mystical ingredients, stir shimmering potions, and unlock the secrets of bewitching beverages.

Are you bringing other children with you (if not, just type ‘No’)? Please tell us how many, noting that witches and wizards 4 years of age and under are free but will not be given their own drinks, ingredients or equipment. However, they are welcome to participate with their families. Yes, you have to share!

Do you or anyone in your group have allergies we need to be aware of? Lots of ingredients go into making cocktails and mocktails and, although we will try to accommodate all allergies by replacing ingredients or creating an alternative drink, it may not be possible.

MAGICAL COCKTAIL MAKING at The Sneaky Cauldron™️.

Indulge in an extraordinary evening of enchantment at a Magical Mixology class at The Sneaky Cauldron™️! Step into the legendary 1500-year-old tavern, where witches and wizards have gathered for centuries, and immerse yourself in the art of potion-making and mixology.

With the guidance of a Potions Master, you’ll craft two mesmerizing cocktails (or mocktails), each brimming with magical flavors and tantalizing aromas. From bubbling cauldrons to shimmering potions, unleash your inner alchemist and create concoctions that will ignite your senses and transport you to realms beyond imagination.

But the magic doesn’t end there! Quizzic Alley, Australia’s premier destination for all things magical, will be joining us with an exclusive selection of licensed Harry Potter merchandise for sale. From wands to wizarding robes, discover treasures that will delight fans of all ages and add a touch of magic to your collection.

Whether you’re a seasoned potion master or a curious newcomer, our Magical Mixology classes offer an unforgettable experience with a generous dash of wizardry. Grab your tickets today and experience an evening of deliciousness and enchantment at The Sneaky Cauldron!


  • Approximately 90 minutes of magical, immersive fun
  • A dedicated Potions Master to guide you through the process
  • A beverage on arrival
  • The ingredients and tools to make two magical cocktails (or mocktails)
  • Other fun challenges and activities
  • A jolly good time with family and/or friends, old and new
  • The chance to mix with and meet new friends.

Alcohol will be served during this experience. A non-alcoholic version of each potion is available. A choice must be made for each participant at the time of booking. A change of mind on the day is okay but no refunds will be given.

Recommended for witches, wizards and magical creatures from five to Dumbledore which is very old indeed. We ask you to use discretion when booking a session with children. Younger witches and wizards will certainly enjoy our family-friendly session more.

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