Quick Q&A for quizzing wizards

Do we have to sign in?
No. The Wizards’ Quiz will be live streamed on Quizzic Alley’s Facebook page. All you have to do is like either or both pages and, when the live stream starts, a notification will appear in your feed. You can also go to Quizzic Alley’s Facebook page, click on videos and you will find the live stream there. We also live stream on YouTube simultaneously and, as long as it stays live, YouTube is just fine. You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel and like our Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss any of our live streams.

Can we do the quiz if we don’t have a Facebook account?
You should be able to watch the quick on YouTube. However, YouTube has an policy of instantly cutting a live feed if there is a complaint… and complaints are common and appeals take time.

Can we enter as a team?
There is no “entering” this quiz. You just turn up and answer the questions. However, doing it as a team is highly recommended. Team up with family or friends living in the same house or team up online with your fellow Harry Potter fans. There are lots of ways to connect while you all watch the live stream. Create a Messenger group, try Skype, the Houseparty app, SnapChat, Zoom or Google Hangouts. The possibilities are endless. If you have organised a team for the Wizards’ Quiz, make sure you drop your team’s name in the comments once we get under way.

Will there be a winner?
This quiz is all about having fun, testing your Harry Potter knowledge and connecting with other Potterheads. Although we will ask you to share your scores after each round, we won’t be picking a winner. We also don’t keep score but you can if you like.

Where do we write our answers?
There is an answer sheet to download at the bottom of this page but it’s not compulsory. You can just use a blank piece of paper or yell your answers at the screen. All we ask is that you don’t type your answers in the comments. Thanks!

Can you see us?
This question has been asked a lot. No, we will not be able to see you during the live stream but you will be able to see us. Subsequently, we WILL be wearing pants which are, of course, optional for you… No photos though… I shouldn’t have said that!

Can we dress up?
Your house, your rules! But we lllooovvveee the idea of you guys doing the Wizards’ Quiz all dressed up in your wizarding regalia. Why not? Either way, dressed up or not, we love to see your photos so send them to us by direct message or post them on your social channels using the hastag #wizardsquiz. By doing so though, you are giving us permission to post those photos on social media channels belonging to Quizzic Alley.

Can anyone do the quiz?
Yes. Anyone from anywhere. Adults, kids, families, magical creatures, fantastic beats. All are welcome but remember the Kids’ Quiz is designed for young readers and those new to the series. This means the earlier quiz may not be as challenging as some of the die-hard Potterheads would like. Probably best to do the later quiz.

What time will the quiz finish?
We’ll start the Kids’ Quiz at 6pm and it will go for roughly an hour. The Pub Quiz starts at 7pm AEST and will be done by 8.30pm.

<Where is the answer sheet?

Wizards Quiz answer sheet by Quizzic Alley

You don’t NEED an answer sheet – just use a piece of paper or shout your answers at the screen. You will be self-scoring so it doesn’t really matter.

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