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Make your very own wand these school holidays! 

Every witch and wizard should have their very own wand, crafted for them alone and imbued with the ancient magic of wand lore. It should reflect the bearer’s character, fit well in the hand and be a strong and agile comrade in the journey to master the age-old craft of spell casting.

During this WAND MAKING WORKSHOP witches and wizards will make their very own, personalised wand under the watchful eye of a professional wand maker at the Quizzical Academy of Sorcery. They will learn about wands and wand lore and be instructed in the many and varied wand making techniques that have remained unchanged for milennia. At the end of the lesson, all witches and wizards will receive an official wand bearer’s license.

Students eight years and over are welcome to join the class as are adults. Note that all students will use tools including hot glue guns and will need to follow instructions carefully.

  • All those in the classroom must have booked and paid.
  • If your child needs supervision, you will need to purchase a ticket for the workshop.
  • Any child deemed a risk to themself or others will have to leave. Actually, this goes for everyone!
  • This workshop has been designed for witches and wizards eight years of age or Dumbledore which is very old indeed! We will not accept a booking for a student who is younger than eight. 

So, what’s included in the Wand Making Workshops?

  • Your very own wand to take home and keep forever.
  • An official wand license.
  • The experience and wisdom of a dedicated wand making professor.
  • Beguiling facts about wands and wand lore.
  • Loads of fun and the chance to flex your creative muscle.
  • AND A QBREW, the favourite beverage of witches and wizards everywhere!
  • All equipment and materials.
  • SSSSOOOO many photo opps!
  • All equipment and materials.

What are you waiting for? This wand won’t make itself… or maybe it will…. Book now before this most popular workshop sells out!


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