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Well done! You got to the end of the quiz! Did any of the questions stump you? How many do you think you got right? The answers are below. One point for every correct answer and one point for any bonus answers.

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The lolly shop in Hogsmeade is called HONEYDUKES.

Watch out for… the WHOMPING WILLOW!


The Hufflepuff house ghost is THE FAT FRIAR.

There are 14 mannequins in our Canberra store and 10 in the store in Sydney.

The substitute teacher for Care of Magical Creatures was PROFESSOR GRUBBLY-PLANK.

The BASILISK flees at the sound of a rooster’s crow.

Marauders and their animagus’: JAMES-STAG; SIRIUS-DOG; PETER-RAT.

Harry ends up in KNOCKTURN ALLEY the first time he uses floo powder.

Seamus’ DAD is a muggle.

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