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Quizzic Alley has been the official supplier of magical wands to witches and wizards all over Australia these many years. Our resident wandmaker crafts each wand by hand, with the skill and attention to detail you would expect from a craftsperson with 146-and-three-quarter years experience!

Each shaft and handle is skilfully crafted to create perfect weight distribution and a unique aesthetic. No two are the same and all are imbued with the magical ability to search out and find that one witch or wizard that will bring the wand to life.

Remember the wand chooses the wizard but it DOES help to include a short description of the intended witch or wizard in the notes section upon purchase.

Although all our handmade wands are amazing creations, the wand you receive may not look at all like any of the wands in the photo. Quizzic Alley's wandmaker creates a wide range of wands of different styles and colours and is always finding new inspiration. Remember that the wand chooses the wizard and the only way to actually make your own selection from all the wands available is to visit our store in Canberra. 

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14 inch, Curved

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