We make the school holidays MAGICAL!

The school holidays are almost here and we all know what THAT means… magical fun at Quizzic Alley!

We’ve been brewing something new within the hallowed walls of Quizzic Alley and we’d love to share it with you. Of course, we’ll have to insist on complete secrecy… don’t want the Muggles to find out or worse… the Dementors!

We’re pleased to report that Moaning Myrtle has been quite helpful. She not only revealed her secret recipe for making house reveal bath bombs to us but showed us how to brew them, just like a potion!

And now we’re inviting everyone (well, only those who can keep a secret) to make Myrtle’s Mystical Bath Bombs these school holidays. Not only do you get to brew them yourselves but you get to take them home so you can bathe in their magical mysticness!

Of course, we’ll also be offering our very popular Wand Making Workshops as well. If you’ve not done one before, you are in for a treat! And, once again, you can take it home and keep it forever (best not to put it in the bath though). Just be careful with your spells and incantations (no unforgiveable curses of course) and remember, it doesn’t do to wave your wand around where Muggles may see it.

Our workshops book out super fast so make sure you get in early (that’s now). We can’t wait to see you!