Australia’s most magical store turns one!

It’s our birthday!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since we alohamora’d the door to let that first batch of passionate fans in for the very first time.

Since then we’ve welcomed around 100,000 people to Quizzic Alley, from all over Canberra and the region, from interstate and from overseas. Every week we meet people who have travelled to Canberra just to visit our store. We’ve even had groups travel from Sydney and Wagga to do a potions class.

Our wonderful potions professors have hosted almost 350 classes for kids’ birthday parties.. and a few grown up celebrations as well!

Countless fans have climbed into our Ford Anglia and had their photo taken and donned the sorting hat to see what house they’re in. The unwritten and quietly whispered rule that it can take three turns to get the house you want sometimes doesn’t work at all. Apologies to nine-year-old Zach who walked away with a heavy heart after being sorted into Slytherin five times in a row!

On the subject of Slytherin, it’s not a bad house. In fact, many Quizzic Alley team members are proud and very endearing members. And we’ve had some oh-so-fabulous Slytherins walk through the door. They’re often the ones who wear their house colours with the most gusto and are most likely to sport wicked tattoos!

Of course, most of the kids who visit are Gryffindors but we get a smattering of the other houses too. The majority of them are convinced their dads are Slytherins and most dads think the same of the kids!

Chocolate frogs continue to be the most popular item at Quizzic Alley, followed closely by Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, ‘Muggles Welcome’ doormats, Hermione Granger’s time-turner necklace and Gryffindor ties. Recent Book Week parades and celebrations saw a leap in sales of house robes, wands, neck-ties, scarves and, of course, the signature Harry Potter glasses.

We were so proud to host The Great Wizard’s Ball recently. It was the first of its kind in Canberra and around 280 witches, wizards, magical creatures and even a few Muggles turned up all dressed up to the 9 3/4 ready to live out their wizarding dreams. It was a fabulous night in aid of children’s literacy and the entertainment was truly amazing.

A big thank you to anyone who has visited our store in the last 12 months, shared our social media posts, spread the word among friends and colleagues and supported our events. Plus a host of friends and family who keep turning to help out when needed. You know who you are – thanks.

And finally the Quizzic Alley team who are now more like family than staff. Every single one is a Harry Potter nerd and we love them for it. Bewitched Bernadette, Jolivander, Miraculous Mia, Lucky Lily, Quidditch Oscar, Bonkers Beth, Mad-eye, Rosie Reducto, Moaning Marie, Rophney Redhead, Violet Crumble and Sparkles.

So, how are we celebrating our first birthday? There’ll be a bit of a sale in store for a week starting Friday 13th and we’ll be giving away Quizzic Alley tattoos to anyone who can answer three questions in a row. In a few weeks when the wash-up from The Great Wizard’s Ball is done, the Quizzic Alley team will gather for a few quiet QBrew Blasters!

May the next 12 months be as magical as the first!

Penelope Presto and Nearly Legless Mick.


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