Lumos wand installation – where to see it!

Lumos Wand Installation in London

Planning a trip to the UK next year? Do you remember seeing photos of the Lumos Wand Installation in London, ahead of the release of The Crimes of Grindelwald?

It looked quite magical illuminating the City of London near St. Paul’s Cathedral and it’s now on the move.

Residents of the UK were invited to campaign and vote to determine the four regional cities the installation would visit in the lead up to the release of the third Fantastic Beasts film in November 2021.

We can now reveal that the Wizarding World Wands supporting Lumos will light up:

Hull, Stoke, Reading and Birmingham!

The first city to host the installation will be Hull.

Be sure to check your itinerary if you want to visit the wand installation and keep an eye on our website for news and updates.



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