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Become a Magizoologist and find all eight mystery postcard designs to create your own magical menagerie. Each of the collectible mystery postcard packs contain one random sketch design that can only be revealed once the sealed pack is opened. Taken from the pages of Newt Scamander's field journal, the Series 01 designs are based on the authentic graphic props created by MinaLima for the film 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'.

Find the two secret sketches: Some of our mystery packs are hiding one of our rare, secret beasts. Will you discover them for your collection?
Exclusive Postcard Designs: These foiled postcard designs are exclusive to our Series 01 collectible mystery postcard packs!

Product: Single postcard with space for message and recipient address on back
Finish: Teal foil detailing
Size: 120 x 165mm

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