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Expecto Patronum! It's the perfect, most enchanting gift for any young witch or wizard! This magical trio of dolls will keep them entertained for hours! 

HERMIONE GRANGER DOLL WITH LIGHT-UP PATRONUS: Move Hermione’s arm or press her belly to project holographic light effects on her spell shield or otter Patronus! Seven accessories including two spell books, a feather and a potions bottle as well as a robe and shoes.

LUNA LOVEGOOD DELUXE DOLL SET: Cute facial details, super-soft long wavy hair and two magical outfits bring Luna to life!  Recreate Luna cheering for the Gryffindor Quidditch team with her lion hat and flag or try to conjure her rabbit Patronus.

HARRY POTTER FASHION DOLL: Expelliarmus! Pose Harry any way you want as you recreate your favourite Harry Potter scenes or create new stories. Harry completes the trio. Harry wears his Hogwarts uniform with Gryffindor sweater and features removable shoes and glasses, and a wand accessory to add to your storytelling play.

Pose the 8-inch (20.3cm) character dolls, pretend to cast spells and conjure a Patronus. Item are picked at random from an assortment of models and may differ slightly from those shown.

The normal price for these three dolls is $129.85 but, if you buy all three, we'll discount them to $45.45. Seriously! That's a saving of over $84.00!!!


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