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Discover tons of exciting pranks, jokes, and hijinks from the Harry Potter series in this hilarious and interactive book with a paintbrush that reveals hidden messages.

Ever wanted to tell a joke like Fred or George Weasley? See Wrackspurts like Luna Lovegood? Or leave class early with a Skiving Snackbox?

In this fun and interactive water colour book, you’ll use a water-activated paintbrush to reveal who used a Love Potion on whom, the Weasley twins’ impressive Wildfire Whizbangs fireworks show, hidden creatures like Thestrals, Pygmy Puffs, and Animagi and loads more!

This amazing hard cover book is filled with adorable film-inspired art. And the paintbrush is activated with water, so it’s almost completely mess-free!

Perfect for rainy days, holidays and lockdown!

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