Sydney store closed but you’ll still be able to use your gift card

Wondering how you can use your Quizzic Alley gift card now that our Sydney store is closed?

Rest assured, we will not leave you out in the cold like an orphan on an outing to Hogsmeade! You can still use your in-store gift card or convert it so it can be used in our online store. Let’s talk through the options:

👉 Plan a mini break or holiday in Canberra and use your gift card in our store there.

👉 If you know what you want to purchase, call our store in Canberra and pay over the phone using your gift card.

👉 Convert it to an online gift card for shopping in our online store. Just take a photo of your card (showing the amount, expiry date and the card number in the top right corner) and email it to and we’ll send you a new online card.

We’d love to welcome you at our Canberra store for some magical shopping.

Wondering why we closed our much-loved Sydney store? You can read all about it here.

Author: Professor Penelope Presto
Professor Presto is Headmaster at the esteemed Quizzical Academy of Sorcery and also Chief Wrangler of wizards large and small. She loves to bake toad cake and swaps recipes with like-minded wizards all over the world. On Tuesdays she joins the local Goblins and Gouls swimming club for a few laps before a lunch of wiggle-root salad.

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